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Champion Roasted Flaxseed - 5kg

Champion Roasted Flaxseed - 5kg

Champion Roasted Flaxseed is a 100% PURE wholefood & high density source of essential fatty acids (including Omega-3 & 6, as well as alpha-linolenic acid), anti-inflammatory lignans & fibre. Certified non GMO.


Use with horses for : Shiny & healthy coat, strong hoof quality, improved joint health, reduced muscle soreness, improved gastro-intestinal health, faster healing of ulcers, reduced allergy response (particularly ‘sweet itch’). In breeding stock, Champion Roasted Flaxseed increases stallion fertility, supports higher conception rates in brood mares & increases Omega-3 levels in mare’s milk giving boosted immunity in foals


No pre-soaking or mashing required. Simply 'top dress' on daily feed ration.


To learn more about our equine customers experience of using Champion Roasted Flaxseed, check out our 'Testimonials' Their stories speak for themselves!

5 Kilograms
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